Mindset & Manners

Adolescence can be a tricky and bewildering time. The Internet and social media are a part of everyday life for many of today’s teenagers and, as ‘digital natives’, they may have had less opportunity to engage in face-to-face communication. This course is aimed at young people aged between 12-18 and will provide them with the tools and confidence to navigate the many situations they will encounter at school and beyond.

While academic qualifications are very important, research consistently shows that 85 percent of career success comes from having well-developed ‘soft skills’. Building a good and resilient mindset will also help improve their relationships and social skills, ultimately setting them up for success in both their personal and professional lives.

Subjects Covered

  • Meeting and greeting

  • First impressions

  • Communication skills

  • Posture and body language

  • Mobile phone and social media etiquette

  • Personal presentation

  • Establishing a growth mindset

  • Fundamentals of Table Manners